Knitting – A relaxing hobby


Whether you are young, old, male or female knitting is a fun hobby that you will find very relaxing and rewarding.  In todays world we live a fast lifestyle working long hours and we need something to keep us sane, we need something to help us relax and destress.  Knitting is a fantastic stress reliever and wonderful outlet for an overworked brain.

Knitting can also be considered as a form of art, a completed piece of knitted item is the creation of a piece of art. The knitter gets to feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment in completing such an item.

When you first start knitting there are three key techniques that you need to get the hang of:

These knitting techniques are how to cast on, the knit and the purl stitch. As soon as you grasp the basics of these techniques you will be able tackle more complex knitting projects.

Learning how to knit is easy today with so many online resources for beginners as well as advanced knitting instructions.  Some things you'll learn through online knitting lessons include what tools and supplies are needed, how to cast on, how to know knits from purls, how to create patterns and designs, how to block and sew your work together, how to care for knitted garments, and other valuable knitting skills.  Stay organized while knitting, using containers will help organize all your tools, store your knitting needles by size so they are easily accessible for each project.

When you are first starting to learn to knit it is recommended that instead of following a pattern to knit a garment that you begin with practicing knitting a basic swatch.  Once you are competent at knitting knit and purl stitches row after row without dropping stitches or having large holes you can then tackle a more exciting knitting project. Start slowly and get comfortable with the basics and you will quickly advance to the more advanced projects.

There are various choices of items you can knit such as hats, socks, sweaters, jackets, shawls, scarves and pullovers. There are plenty of projects and designs to choose from to suit all levels of knitting expertise, time and budget.

Knitted items make excellent gifts.

When your friend or loved one becomes an expectant mother, you can immediately begin knitting a blanket for the baby, or knit clothes for your family members as Christmas gifts. Giving something you knitted with your own hands makes a very special gift from the heart.

Happy knitting!